UAV-IQ Consulting Services
UAV-IQConsulting Services

We Offer a Full Array of Consulting Services

Our involvement scales with clients' needs

Typical consulting projects can include some or all of the stages listed below, all services will be tailored for your specific project.



  1. Brand Study of Client Company                                                                                

    1. Familiarization with client products and services

    2. Assess internal capabilities of client

    3. Asses what relationships/sales channels/infrastructure are in place

  2. Define the Market                                                                   

    1. Identify strategically fitting markets

    2. Identify target customers

    3. Identify demand for existing client products

    4. Identify demand for potential client products

  3. Perform Market Analysis                                                       

    1. Assess current U.S. demand for client products

    2. Assess market growth rate

    3. Assess competition

    4. Assess barriers to entry

    5. Identify potential partners




  1. Prioritize Markets                                                                                          
    1. Identify beachhead market
    2. Identify initial primary market
    3. Identify developmental markets
  2. Develop Market Entry Strategy                                                                            
    1. Evaluate entry options – organic, acquisition, partnership, joint-venture
    2. Approach potential partners
    3. Design sales strategy
      1. Evaluate direct vs. indirect sales
    4. Write business plan                                                                           
  3. Design Brand Identity                                                                                     
    1. Evaluate the proper corporate and product names for U.S. market
    2. Define brand values
    3. Create brand vision
  4. Develop Marketing Campaign                                                                      
    1. Design marketing mix
    2. Design ad campaign (ad agency required)   
    3. Product demonstration


  1. Establish Sales Channels                                                                            a. Begin pre-sales to market influencers
  2. Marketing Blitz                                                                                           
  3. Go Live!                                                                                                        a. Evaluate Early Feedback                                                                        b. Steer the Ship
















UAV-IQ provides industry analysis, strategic vision and project management expertise for companies positioning themselves globally for the present and future markets of aviation technology, both on the commercial and defense side.

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